QuizBee is a live knowledge based quiz gaming app with cash prizes. You compete live with multiple player and you win real money for answering questions correctly and quickly.

Register in the Quiz. Join in when it starts, tap the correct answer as quickly as you can.

Please ensure that you have done your KYC and submitted your Bank Details. Only they are approved you can place a withdrawal request of your Earned Coins.
If you want to extract the winnings. Go to Wallet -> Withdraw Amount -> Enter the coins you want to withdraw and place the request. You cannot withdraw if your winnings are less than 100 coins.

When a Live Quiz is over it gets converted into Relive Quiz. You can click on it and see the questions and answers including correct answers of that quiz.

Please wait for 48-72 hours and if it still doesn’t come in your account. Please reach out to your bank and us with the details.

Please refer your friends and family. If they join the game using your referral code, you get Free bonus tickets which you can use to join most of the games. You also get extra bonus ticket when they make their first purchase on the system.

Please make sure that your referral has registered using your referral code. Please note that the person who referred you cannot use your code and also one person can use only one referral code.

Please refer to the Quiz Rank distribution chart. If you achieved a Rank which qualifies for a prize, please drop us a mail and we will look into it.

Inside the App, Go to My Quizzes, you can see the quizzes that you have joined and any quizzes that you had joined in Past.

Click on the link you received with the code and download the Quizbee app.
Once you open the app, On the Login screen you’ll see the option to “Enter Code” on the bottom. Tap that, enter your Referral Code.
Tap “Register” from one of the social media accounts and that’s it!

Please write to us with a copy of your PAN Card and we'll help you out.
PS: We'll need a copy of your PAN card to be able to help you, please share that to avoid delays.

You can verify your bank details only AFTER you’ve successfully verified your PAN Card.
If your PAN Card has been verified, you can upload any official bank document (cheque, passbook, account statement, etc.) that has all the necessary details -l Account holder name, IFSC Code and bank account number.

There may be multiple reasons your bank account is getting rejected:
You have not uploaded an official bank document. You can upload any of the following documents - bank statement, cheque, passbook and a screenshot of your net banking profile page.
You have uploaded an image where any or all details are not clearly visible. Please ensure that you have uploaded a CLEAR image of your official bank document.
The name on the PAN Card is different from the name of the bank account holder. Please ensure that the bank account is connected to the verified PAN Card.
Your IFSC code may be invalid as per our database.

Once verified, you can’t change your PAN card or use it on any other Quizbee account.

It is!
Withdrawals involve transferring your winning amount to your bank account To issue TDS certificates on time whenever applicable

Yes. You can change upto 2 times. Here are some important points to keep mind while changing your bank account:
It takes 3-5 days to verify your bank account.
Once verified, the same bank account can't be verified on any other QuizBee account.
You can verify a bank account on your name only.
NRE accounts, accounts from any Digital Payments Bank or any accounts from Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Sikkim can't be verified.
You won't be able to change a bank account while your previous withdrawal is in process.

From the 'Settings' tab in your app. Change your gender, state and address, hit save and you'll be able to change these details if your QuizBee account is not verified.
In case you've already verified your PAN/ bank details, you won’t be able to make any changes to the state, gender or address since they are updated as per your PAN and Bank details.

The winnings will be equally split between all the players who tied up for that rank.
For example, the winning amount for Rank 1 is Rs. 1,000 and rank 2 is Rs. 500 and if two players tie for 1st rank, the winnings for 1st and 2nk ranks will be split equally between both the winners. In this case, both the players will win Rs.750 each.

To place a withdrawal, please head to My Wallet> Winnings > Withdraw, enter any amount you wish to withdraw and that’s it. You can place a withdrawal only if:
You have a verified QuizBee account
Your winning balance is more than Rs. 100
A few important things to keep in mind when you place a withdrawal request:
You can place a maximum of 3 withdrawal requests per day.
You can withdraw a minimum of INR 100 and maximum of INR 5,000 in one go.
IMPS withdrawals can take up to 3 workings days to get credited.
NEFT withdrawals can take up to 5 working days to get credited. The credit will reflect under the name of 'Intelligence Game Pvt Ltd'.

Yes! A tax of 30% is deducted at source when your net winning in a contest is more than ₹10,000. The remaining amount (after tax deduction) gets credited to your QuizBee account as 'Earned'. You will also get a TDS certificate ONLY if you've verified your PAN card on QuizBee.
You joined a contest with Entry worth ₹2,000 and won ₹12,000
Your Net Winnings will be (₹12,000 - ₹2,000) = ₹10,000. There is no TDS for this contest since tax is only applicable when your net winning is more than ₹10,000.
If you win Rs. 13,000 in this contest, your net winning will be (₹13,000 - ₹2,000) = ₹11,000 and a 30% TDS will be applicable on ₹11,000. 😇
You joined a contest with Entry worth ₹1,000 used a Cash Bonus worth ₹500, won ₹20,000
Your Net winnings will be (₹20,000 - ₹500) - (₹1000 - ₹500) = ₹19,000. Here, ₹500 Cash Bonus being a promotional incentive, is excluded while working out TDS on net winnings.

Within 3 months from your date of winning, only if you have a PAN verified QuizBee account. We’ll send your TDS certificate to your verified email ID.
These are the tentative timelines to send TDS certificates:
Winning month
Timeframe to receive TDS
April To June after 15th Aug
July to Sept after 15th Nov
Oct to Dec after 15th Feb
Jan to March after 15th June
PS: There are delays from the government side in the above timelines because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

  • Login to the game
  • On the dashboard you can find the list of upcoming games in the next 24 hours.
  • You can search for the category of game that you are interested in
  • Current Categories supported by our platform are X,Y,Z…
  • There are multiple game rooms available for each category with different starting time allocated for the games
  • Pick the game that you want to participate in.
  • Please make sure that you choose a game which has a starting time that you will be free to participate at.
  • Once you have joined a game you cannot join another game that starts x min before or after the start time of the game you have joined.
  • Once you have chosen the game you need to join it by clicking on the join button.
  • Every game has a joining fees so you need to make sure your wallet has enough coins needed to join the game
  • Once you have joined the game just sit back and relax. You will get a notification 5 minutes before the game starts.
  • Please be in the game when the game starts.
  • You will be asked a few questions related to the category in which you joined the game
  • You need to answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  • Once the game has ended scoring will be done and Leaderboard will be published.
  • If you are on the Leaderboard amount of coins you won will be credited to your wallet soon after the Leaderboard is published


Contact Us

In case of any query, questions, suggestions about the Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact our support team support@quizbee.co.in